Hey guys!
Summer is bidding us goodbye, and winter is knocking at the door. This transition of the weather always leaves me confused, as sometimes I feel cold and sometimes warm.
Deciding my daily outfit gets frustrating because wearing a fur coat in the sun, and shorts in the wind is so not fun! I am all about comfortable and smart clothing. So, to tackle this tricky weather, I put 3 casual outfits for you that are breezy, won’t make you sweat and keep you comfy..
1. Colour me winter!

top- H&M jacket- sarojini nagar jeans- Promod shoes- Sketchers bag- gifted

top- H&M
jacket- sarojini nagar
jeans- Promod
shoes- Sketchers
bag- gifted


I love playing with colours. I hate how people always get stuck with black, white or plain outfits. I like to kick it up a notch. So for my first look, I paired a white top, and blue denim jeans with a bright printed cropped jacket. The jacket is very light & can be totally worn in this type of weather. And in case, if you do feel warm, you could always tie the jacket around your waist and still add a pop of colour & fun to your look. I completed this look with round reflective shades, the classic choker, a sling bag and sporty shoes.


2. Styling Culottes!

sweater- Marks and Spencer cullotes - G.K. sandals- Kalaniketan

sweater- Marks and Spencer
culottes – G.K.
sandals- Kalaniketan


They are a major fashion staple. Culottes are the perfect way to remain warm, yet breezy. In the second look, I paired a bright pink sweater with my gorgeous black striped culottes! Finishing off the look with a casual hairdo, shades, pink lips and sandals, I was ready for a brunch or a casual get together!


dsc_16133. Welcoming Santa!

sweater- Westside skirt- Forever 21 shoes- Westside

sweater- Westside
skirt- Forever 21
shoes- Westside


This look actually gives me Christmas vibes! I paired this oversized red sweater with a skater skirt , casual shoes and red lips. The ponytail and the shoes ensure that the outfit is sporty, yet chic! It’s perfect for day picnics or hanging out with friends 🙂


I really hope that you like these looks! Part 2 of this blog is on the way too, which talks about some party looks for this weather, so guys, stay tuned for that!
Do give your feedback or comment on these looks! Share if you like this post! See ya!



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