HAIR- CARE ROUTINE – Products I use & Tips for Healthy Hair

Hey guys!

Recently I chopped off my long hair. I got shoulder length hair, with layers and flicks to increase volume.My hair grows pretty fast, thankfully, but I do like to take care of my hair and follow an easy routine to maintain it. All my hair care products would be mentioned here, so take note !we are going to go step by step…


Washing your hair is very important. With products like dry shampoo, many  forget to regularly clean their hair. Excess use of dry shampoo causes blockage of the pores on your scalp, causing dandruff and dry, rough hair. Using dry shampoo daily has the same effect as sleeping with your makeup on! I personally avoid using a dry shampoo, and on lazy hair days like to put it up in a bun or braid.


I wash my hair thrice in a week, with L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil shampoo. Rather than using a conditioner, I use a hair mask , again from L’Oreal Professionnel ,the Mythic Oil range. These products were recommended to me from my hair salon. Both, the shampoo and the hair mask, make the hair soft and shiny as they are induced with argan oil and sunflower seed oil. Perfect for winters, as they don’t let your scalp get dry and flaky and keeps it nourished.





Personally, I don’t style my hair that often. I have naturally straight hair, so they air- dry perfectly straight, and now with the layers they look voluminous too. When using any heat on the hair, I never forget to use a heat protection spray. I love the heat protection mist from ‘Toni and Guy’, it smells awesome.




In winters, especially after getting my hair-cut I have been continuously oiling my hair, for shinier, healthier hair. Since, a kid I have been using almond hair oil to provide nutrition to my hair.

4.Healthy foods for Healthy hair

What you eat also affects your hair-growth and the health of your scalp. For healthy hair, introducing vitamins and minerals in your diet is a must. Try to eat home-cooked healthy food for 5 days in a week. Try to incorporate the healthier fruits/vegetables (like those mentioned below) in your diet:

  • Amla or any citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin c
  • Dry fruits-(almonds, walnuts etc) providing your hair with vitamin e
  • Eggs, chicken, pulses which are a high source of protein
  • Carrots, sweet potatoes containing vitamin a
  • Spinach, broccoli or any green leafy iron rich veggies

5.Do’s and dont’s

  • Remember dry shampoo should only be used when in an emergency, NOT DAILY.
  • Too much shampooing is bad too, when you wash your hair every day the natural layer of oil in your scalp is removed, making it dry, this forces your glands to produce more oil causing oily hair, again leading to shampooing; it’s a never-ending cycle. Good way to tackle this is to have hair washing days that gives your scalp a break from all that scrubbing and irritation.
  • Whenever using heat on your hair, always use a HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY. Lot of heat can cause split-ends. Try to avoid daily blow-drying and let your hair air-dry.
  • Cut or trim your hair frequently. Don’t try to grow your hair in a go. Give it time and trim it during the process to remove the split-ends and have healthy locks.
  • Eat clean and take care of your hair. And if you have any hair problem like excess dandruff visit a doctor, research on your hair-type and talk to your salon.




This is all I have for you guys. Hope you liked my tips and tricks and are ready to have healthy and shiny hair. Comment below if you have any questions regarding the products or any tips. Share with your friends and help them out. See ya!



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