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As the days go by, winters in Delhi are getting more and more extreme. And this is creating a gap between dressing cute and feeling warm. So for today’s post I have styled three outfits that bridge this gap. These looks can be worn for a dinner, a formal event, fests, festivals, brunches or even in college.

  1. The Formal Affair  


Like the name suggests this look is for formal occasions. The monochromatic shades are basic yet they standout and convey that you are here for business. I combined shades of gray and black, but you can even use dark shades like navy blue, emerald green or a good old burgundy.


The over-sized coat has been paired with wide legged pants and a simple full-sleeved top, finished off with boots. Using solid colours is a must to pull-off formal wear and the big, heavy pieces like the coat are comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Also make sure to keep the makeup light and clean.

2. Casual College Chic


College brings out the lazy in me and dressing different everyday especially when it is freezing outside, is tough. So this look is for those who can relate to me rn.

This look screams comfortable to me. I mean, a long thick shrug over  the classic hoodie and jeans is the best way to go. Here, you guys can play with colours and patterns, like I have done with my shrug and hoodie. I have paired bright and light colours with a muted gray, which brings out the whole outfit.


This look can be repeated with different hoodies and different shrugs and you can mix-match according to your comfort and liking.

3. The Multi-Purpose Dress


The reason why I call this a multi-purpose dress because of how simple the piece is. It can be styled up or down according to the occasion. Having a comfortable dress that is versatile is a staple in your winter wardrobes.

My dress is a loose-fitting, shapeless, t-shirt style midi dress that is so soft yet so warm in cloth. The muted burgundy colour of the dress makes it easy to pair with bright or muted toned accessories. Like, I have paired this dress with a huge dusty pink scarf (above) or a denim jacket (below).


The key to make this look work is how you style it. The dress in itself is not much, but paired with the right pieces it can be a really cool look.

That is all for my post today. I hope you guys enjoyed the looks. Comment below which was your favourite and which you would like to wear? See ya!



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