Hey guys! It has been long since I posted something.
Today’s post is neither about beauty or fashion. I want to talk about the importance of taking a break from what we refer to dramatically as “chaos”.
I was in need of a trip since long and went (finally!) for a two day getaway with my family in November. We drove down to a resort in Bharatpur – The Bagh. ( I personally love road trips)

Being away from the noise, the city atmosphere, the constant stress and anxiety was truly rewarding. I never wanted to leave the place.
The resort is just 4 hour drive from Delhi and its genuinely a great place to relax. The Bagh is maintained as a forest\garden resort so I was around nature constantly. All I did those past two days was walk around, float in the pool, sleep under the sun and breathe freely. My only aim was to be in a quiet solitude.

There were peacocks, hens, turkeys, squirrels, ducks and birds that I can’t name, just roaming freely and casually running past me. The nights were full of glittering skies and a chilly breeze that made my nose freeze!

Places like ‘The Bagh’ are the best way to spend weekends with family, friends or even alone. It is a great way to de-stress and decrease screen time and just chill.

I know this is a very casual post, but I feel it is necessary for each one of us to take these breaks throughout the year.

There are so many great places opening up that offer such peace and quiet to the people annoyed by the city and I think we should all make a habit of spending on self-care by changing our environments for a while.

Here are some pictures of me in my best state of mind-

enjoying a juicy murder mystery by the pool


soaking in the sun


taking long morning walks and breathing easy


2 mins before I jump in the pool


finding quiet spots


pretty arches

Comment below any other places for weekend getaways and how you like to de-stress on weekends. See ya!



  1. Loved your experience……it was really eventful…. And also one such place I have seen is chail – a Silent Hill station near shimla.

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