R zizhi – Organic skincare brand review

Hey guys! This is the first post of 2019 and I am so excited to experience more fashion and beauty this year and share my experiences with you.

Today’s post is a review of 4 products from ‘R zizhi‘ – a home-made organic beauty brand. I have tried and tested and subsequently loved these products for a while now and I can’t wait to share why.

R zizhi, create fresh products that are home made and 100% chemical free, also fun fact ‘zizhi’ means ‘home-made or self-made’ in Chinese.

Every time you place an order, the products are made and then delivered, so delivery takes around 7-8 days depending on your order. Orders can be placed through the instagram account ( @rzizhi ) or whatsapp.

  1. Mother Earth Clay mask

I am beginning the review with R zizhi’s holy grail. This product is loved by everyone who has tried it.


Mother Earth Clay Mask


This clay mask has 3 different types of Volcanic clay, Kaolin clay, Charcoal, Epsom salts, Apple Cider vinegar and a variety of essential oils as its ingredients. It costs Rs. 600 (plus shipping) which is a great price, because a small amount goes a long way.

This mask comes with a set of strict instructions like storing it in the fridge, using it once a week only etc explained in detail by Ditsha, the owner of R zizhi.


This mask is perfectly suited for someone with oily, acne prone skin, like me. One use makes your skin feel clean, inside and out and reduces redness and inflammation and overtime helps in prevention of acne. My skin felt amazing once I brought this mask into a weekly routine and I could see a remarkable difference. It is great for reducing pigmentation, bloating and for detoxifying.

Also this mask was chosen, the best mask of 2018 by a reviewer and I totally agree.

2. RUB RUB RUB scrub



This scrub is again a pretty effective product. Its ingredients are Dead Sea salt, Himalayan Pink salt, blended oils, herbs and essential oils. This retails for Rs.600 (plus shipping).

This scrub promises some serious exfoliation, removal of dead skin, pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines. What is great about this is that since so much oil is incorporated in the product, after using it, the skin feels smooth and moisturized rather than dry or flaky.



Also this scrub smells heavenly so that is always a plus for a skincare product. One thing which feels like a drawback for me, is that my skin gets very oily after use of this scrub, since the oils are supposed to sink in. To avoid congestion of oil in my pores, I use a toner afterwards. The toner is my next product in the review 😉

3. Owner’s Toner

Owner’s toner


This toner is pretty awesome, because one of its ingredients is witch hazel among, rice water and Staranise and many others. I personally have read a lot about witch hazel, being a great ingredient for drying out acne and for oily skin, reducing inflammation etc  and wanted to try it for a long time. This toner retails for Rs. 300 (plus shipping) which is extremely affordable.

Also, the toner is in a spray bottle, so yay hygiene!

The ingredients


This toner is pretty great, a daily use item and important part of my skin care routine. It also aims at reducing fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and discolouration. I highly recommend this, especially after using a scrub.

4. Elixir face oil



This product is a face oil, made from Argan oil, Walnut oil, Dragon Blood oil and other herbs and essential oils. Elixir retails for Rs.600 (plus shipping).

This product is mainly for people with extremely dry skin, and skin issues like Eczema and acts like a treatment for that. I use it in winters, at nights because my skin needs some moisturization especially after using hot water on my face. This helps in making the skin smooth and supple.

Also the fragrance is amazing and calming and the oil is not heavy, but pretty light and melts in the skin easily.

That is all for my review. I am very impressed by this brand and its products. There are many more, that I am yet to try and review and give a feedback on, but till now I totally recommend R zizhi, because its organic, its good for the skin, its affordable and worth the money and most of all, I see results!

Hope you guys liked the review. Are there any products you want me to try out? Comment below. See ya!


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